Using 112 Help number

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Using 112 Help number

Postby Tamal » Sat 29 Dec, 2018 9:03 am

Hi I am going on a 4 day hike on great ocean road with my kids. I am pretty scared of snakes and that one of the kids might get bitten. Has anyone used the 112 number for emergencies and did it work? I am with Optus so my mobile coverage won’t be great.
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Re: Using 112 Help number

Postby DaveNoble » Sat 29 Dec, 2018 5:06 pm

Using the emergency number 112 will work - but only if you have a signal. It does not need to be a signal from your mobile service provider. Your phone should indicate SOS or similar if it does not have coverage with your service provider but there is another one it can use for emergency calls. For the Great Ocean Road - you may want to consult coverage maps from Telstra and others. In Australia, calling 000 is identical to calling the international number 112.

If worried about snakes, remember that most who are bitten are adults, with a stick in one hand and a beer bottle in the other.

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Re: Using 112 Help number

Postby wildwanderer » Sat 29 Dec, 2018 6:27 pm

Your much better off hiring a PLB (which when activated will vector a rescue responce to your location). PLBs work every where there is a clear view of the sky, they don't need mobile phone coverage.

Also purchasing a bandage that works well for snake bite such as setopress

Note the chances of being bitten and envenomated by a snake is very small (unless, as Dave mentioned, you attack it or corner it)

Places to hire PLBs ... ate-guide/

Also here is a thread with lots of information you may find useful.(if I do say so myself)
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Re: Using 112 Help number

Postby bernieq » Sat 29 Dec, 2018 8:29 pm

DaveNoble wrote:If worried about snakes, remember that most who are bitten are adults, with a stick in one hand and a beer bottle in the other.
Very droll, Dave, and true.

You'll be fine, tamal. Wear sensible clothing (boots/runners not sandals/bare feet, trousers not shorts). Snakes don't seek you out - they avoid you.

With thousands of kilometers of bush-walking, I have seen a dozen snakes and never had one attempt to strike. If you see one, don't panic - just back up and let it move on (or go around it).

Also sensible is the advice from wildwanderer - pressure bandage from a Pharmacist (have them show how to use it) and a PLB (same - know how to use it) would both be good insurance.

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