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Carbon fibre tipi pole/ centre pole

PostPosted: Wed 14 Feb, 2018 10:42 am
by Moondog55
I am going through my stash while working on the pulling poles for my pulk and I still have a 3400mm length of 50mm CF sleeve here plus a 300mm off-cut of 40mm.
So I am wondering what size PVC conduit to buy to use as the mandrel and wondering if I make a 32mm CF tube what is the maximum height I can go to ?
3400 of this sleeve should be able to be stretched to about 5000mm and I'm not sure I'd be totally comfortable with another tipi that low
Or if I go to Pressure Pipe for the mandrel the OD is nominally 33.55mm
PP comes in 1000mm lengths at Bunnies and I can always use the PP afterwards for my winter tent and I can make 3 * 900mm sections to give me a 2700mm centre pole
I am thinking about making a pair of composite pulling shafts for the pulk so an order to Soller Composites is in the wing anyway and I thought I'd call on the collective wisdom of the forum before I place my order in case people think that a 27mm pole would be enough as the sleeve I have can be stretched down to that diametre
I need to make/want to make some better pulling poles for the sled so a small order would be placed anyway and this saves on postage

Re: Carbon fibre tipi pole/ centre pole

PostPosted: Sat 17 Feb, 2018 8:51 am
by Moondog55
Would anybody be interested in sharing an order from Soller?
I dislike spending more on postage than the actual cost of the purchase.