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[QLD Bne] Exped Hyperlite Duo

Wed 27 Dec, 2017 2:05 pm

Selling my Exped Hyperlite Duo two person sleeping mattress, $170 plus postage.

Details on the mat are here:…/product-category/mats/synmat-hl-duo-m

The mat has had the tiniest of punctures which is shown in the photos below, I went in to get it covered under warranty but apparently warranty doesn't cover it, despite the fact that the mat is in absolutely immaculate condition in all other respects and has always been used with the cover that I made for it... Anyway I located the hole myself, repaired it with the supplied repair glue, and it has held up fine since.

It has always been inflated with a sea to summit ultrasil pump drybag, of which I am happy to supply as well. It has not held it's airproofness though, and can be a nuisance to use now, it leaks down round the seam at the base. I still manage to use it by putting my hand around the seam and I can sort of block up the holes, but for regular use it would be worth getting something better.

I'm also offering the cover/Lounge kit that I made for it, the lounge kit was not dried out at the end of one of our trips to Tasmania and so had some mildew build up on it, it has since been washed and aired and left in the sun for a while, but still has the faded mildew spots in places.
It was also my first prototype for making a chair kit so it's not high quality sewing, nor the best designed, and my conclusion was it was never going to work well for a double mat, i.e it's not that great as a chair kit. but as a cover it was good and has kept my mat in far better condition than it would have been without it. I honestly don't think holds any value but it's there if you want it.
Next to a 1l not-nalgene bottle, but I think is about the same size as a nalgene.
You can see there were two tiny pin prick holes. I read the repair intructions that came with i, which recommended just using the glue and only using the patch for larger tears. So I did, and it's been 100% ever since.
With the cover/lounge kit on. the blue velcro was to keep my pillow in place, and the two buckles were to keep our quilt wrapped around us (which was only half successful, it held the quilt tight to the cover, but the cover still lifts up off the mat so drafts would still get in.
The back of the cover is Tyvek 1440r or something like that. The "soft" tyvek. It's worth noting that I accidentally put the wrong side of the tyvek to the ground so it likes to pick up leaves and twigs and stuff.
So the chair kit is designed for two trekking poles to slide in to loops, one on the back, and one underneath. additional to the trekking poles, if you have a zpacks packs or a pack with similarly lengthed removable stays, they can go in the pockets, two go vertical on either side, and two criscross in the middle to make an x.

Re: [QLD Bne] Exped Hyperlite Duo

Thu 11 Jan, 2018 6:24 am

Hi. I am interesred in checking this out. Where in brissy are you located?.
Cheers Martyn

Re: [QLD Bne] Exped Hyperlite Duo

Wed 24 Jan, 2018 6:00 am

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