[SOLD] UGQ Bandit Top Quilt (10*F/-12*C)

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[SOLD] UGQ Bandit Top Quilt (10*F/-12*C)

Postby butter-nuts » Wed 09 Oct, 2019 10:18 am

I have decided to move to a mummy bag as I prefer the feeling of being fully enclosed. As such I am selling my quilt.

It is a UGQ Bandit Top Quilt (10*F/-12*C). I purchased this quilt a little over a year ago, in that time I have only used it for 15 nights. I always slept in a clean set of full length thermals and socks (reserved only for sleeping) so it is very clean. It has always been stored fully lofted. I have never washed it (and do not think it needs to be washed as it is very clean and lofty).

Model: Bandit Top Quilt
Temperature Rating: 10*F/-12*C
Total Weight: 827g
Fill Power: 800
Overstuff: 1oz
Overstuff Footbox: 1oz
Width: 55" (140cm)
Length: 78" (198cm)
Taper Style: FULL TAPER
Draft Collar - Neck Line: NO
Inner Shell: M10 CHARCOAL GREY
Outer Shell: HD1.0 NAVY BLUE
Extra Pad Straps: 2

To purchase this quilt new from UGQ and have it shipped to Australia would cost $498. I'm hoping for $350 shipped ONO.


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