cuben fibre gear trends comment

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cuben fibre gear trends comment

Postby wayno » Thu 20 Feb, 2014 10:10 am

interesting comment by John abela on his facebook page on observations about trends with cuben fibre gear

In other news, it appears that ZPacks has stopped using non-hybrid fabric for their original Blast backpacks. Their website now says that the Blasts are being made with the more durable hybrid fabric.

So this basically turns them into the Arc without the frame.

I think there is this growing trend over the last year or so within the SUL world to focus more on durability of gear than saving an ounce here-or-there. Seeing it at almost every gear company. SMD for example with their new backpack lineup threw the issue of weight out the door and focused more on building a backpack that could properly handle load-transfer to the hips (where weight belongs). MLD has stopped offering 0.51 cuben fiber all together and only offers 0.74 now. The list could go on and on.

Is all of this because of market demand, too much products being returned because of damage, or just foresight by these companies to try to prevent bad PR from gear that does not hold up over the long haul.

I personally love the hybrid CF and my last two backpacks have been made with it (at a near double the weight penalty) but I still find myself grabbing my old Zero made from 1.0 cf a LOT of times.

Going to be interesting to watch the market over the next year and see if this trend continues.
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Re: cuben fibre gear trends comment

Postby Strider » Thu 20 Feb, 2014 11:39 am

On the flipside, the one pack design offering true load-transfer to the hips is now available in CF. Go figure!
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Re: cuben fibre gear trends comment

Postby Mark F » Thu 20 Feb, 2014 2:15 pm

It's like any new technology - lots of people push the boundaries and some of those experiments work and other fail. Most Ultra lighters push the weight boundary down as far as it will go and then usually add back a bit to achieve a comfortable balance for their personal needs. With cuben we are now in the minor rebound stage where there is enough acceptance and kms on lots of cuben gear. The experiments that didn't work or achieve some generally agreed level of acceptance are being shed. For shelters .75 is a standard but .51 obviously works for many so that is what has been standardised around. 1.0 or 1.43 for shelter floors as well. I have always thought that it wasn't the right material for packs and this is being demonstated by the move to the hybrid cuben pack fabric.
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