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A place to chat about gear and the philosphy of ultralight. Ultralight bushwalking or backpacking focuses on carrying the lightest and simplest kit. There is still a good focus on safety and skill.

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Ultralight Bushwalking/backpacking is about more than just gear lists. Ultralight walkers carefully consider gear based on the environment they are entering, the weather forecast, their own skill, other people in the group. Gear and systems are tested and tweaked.
If you are new to this area then welcome - Please remember that although the same ultralight philosophy can be used in all environments that the specific gear and skill required will vary greatly. It is very dangerous to assume that you can just copy someone else's gear list, but you are encouraged to ask questions, learn and start reducing the pack weight and enjoying the freedom that comes.

Common words
Base pack backpacking the mass of the backpack and the gear inside - not including consumables such as food, water and fuel
light backpacking base weight less than 9.1kg
ultralight backpacking base weight less than 4.5kg
super-ultralight backpacking base weight less than 2.3kg
extreme-ultralight backpacking base weight less than 1.4kg
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UL tent/tarp poles

Mon 20 Aug, 2018 5:04 pm

Just bought a Tarptent Contrail off the marketplace here, Chasing recommendations for poles to use with it, would prefer adjustable. Not a user of trekking poles.
So far my options are:

Proper Tarptent fixed length pole $40ish USD 113grams
Ruta Locura adjustable pole $55 USD 75grams
SMD 45" fixed length pole $35 AUD 85grams

Any better options out there?


Re: UL tent/tarp poles

Tue 21 Aug, 2018 8:17 am

Hi Mate,

I went through the same dilemma recently and started with this, ... 2749.l2649

Cheap and pretty solid at 11mm, but it does weigh 110g... so I kept looking and found these, ... 4c4d8bSCC4

These are 10mm and might even be a little stiffer than the Aluminium one above. They seem pretty good quality and only weigh 60g each. They come in a pack of 2 just in case I break one.

I just trimmed both versions to the length I needed.

Re: UL tent/tarp poles

Tue 21 Aug, 2018 8:54 am

Best option involves buying stuff to make laid-up Carbon Fibre poles or getting good quality CF poles from China, not extruded kite poles but proper laid up multiple layer stuff

Re: UL tent/tarp poles

Tue 21 Aug, 2018 4:54 pm

Thanks guys!
Got one of these ... m-pol.html as well as one that moondog has offered me.
I do like the look of the aliexpress ones though.
I also bought a used MLD Trailstar off here 6 months ago that I haven't tried yet as I haven't had a usable pole for it, I may see if I can adapt moondogs for that. Although I don't think I'll end up keeping the Trailstar as I think the footprint will be to big for the places I camp.
Thanks again for the help guys.
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