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A place to chat about gear and the philosphy of ultralight. Ultralight bushwalking or backpacking focuses on carrying the lightest and simplest kit. There is still a good focus on safety and skill.

Forum rules

Ultralight Bushwalking/backpacking is about more than just gear lists. Ultralight walkers carefully consider gear based on the environment they are entering, the weather forecast, their own skill, other people in the group. Gear and systems are tested and tweaked.
If you are new to this area then welcome - Please remember that although the same ultralight philosophy can be used in all environments that the specific gear and skill required will vary greatly. It is very dangerous to assume that you can just copy someone else's gear list, but you are encouraged to ask questions, learn and start reducing the pack weight and enjoying the freedom that comes.

Common words
Base pack backpacking the mass of the backpack and the gear inside - not including consumables such as food, water and fuel
light backpacking base weight less than 9.1kg
ultralight backpacking base weight less than 4.5kg
super-ultralight backpacking base weight less than 2.3kg
extreme-ultralight backpacking base weight less than 1.4kg
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Osprey Levity and Lumina Backpack Ultralight

Fri 14 Dec, 2018 3:42 pm

Paddy Pallin is having a 20% off sale of their Osprey Levity 60L (0.89 grams) and Lumina Backpacks 60L (0.85 grams) for $231.96 each. They will throw in a $20 store voucher for every $200 spent if a member and free delivery for anything over $99. So really that is about $211.96 per backpack home delivered for free. ... -pack.html ... -pack.html

Has anyone in this forum reviewed these backpacks yet? I'm tempted.

Re: Osprey Levity and Lumina Backpack Ultralight

Sun 16 Dec, 2018 8:52 am

I've had a look at them.

While they are well designed packs and in the ultralight category (890 grams for M) there are a few considerable negatives.

-load carrying. Anything more than 11 kg load and your going to sacrifice comfort as the hip belt and shoulder straps have minimal padding. The straps and buckles are all thin as well.

- durability. Parts of the pack material are only 30d. So durability could be a factor depending on where your walking and how many scraps against branches it receives.. High wear points bottom and lower sided do use a much more durable 210d material

- it's light grey and from what I've heard they become dirty reasonable quickly especially the bottom.

I'm a big fan of osprey packs. I own a exos 48. My opinion is for most people the more durable and comfortable exos/eja is the better choice. It can comfortably carry 15kg. And weighs only 100 - 200 grams more. (Depending if you remove the top pocket, which I always do on mine for walks under 4 nights.)

Here is a good review and comparison between the exos and levity. ... acrifices/

Re: Osprey Levity and Lumina Backpack Ultralight

Tue 18 Dec, 2018 12:59 pm

We bought one for my 12 year old son. The most he has carried is 12kg. He loves it and it is very comfortable to wear.
I think it would be ok to 15kg at least, probably more if only short term.
My wife is a bit jealous as she has a Hyperlite Mountain Gear Southwest pack and secretly envies the extra comfort of the Lumina.
They are so highly rated in our family that I am about to buy one for my 10yr old daughter.
Thanks for the tip with Paddy Palin.


Re: Osprey Levity and Lumina Backpack Ultralight

Sun 23 Dec, 2018 8:41 pm

Thanks everyone for your comments. I went out and purchased a Lumina backpack. I think this pack would suit me as I'm not going off trail and bush bashing much these days. Also I'm more wary of carrying more weight as I grow older.
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