Clutha River

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Clutha River

Postby kanangra » Wed 29 Jan, 2014 8:07 am

Just back from a few days in Queenstown. A highlight for me was a packrafting trip on the mightiest of all NZ rivers, the Clutha. I put in at the Albert Town camping area and paddled down to the highway bridge. It really was amazing. We have nothing like it here. The river was running fast and wide and deep with rapids most of the way. The river distance was about 12kms but only took me about an hour and a half in the raft. It would have been even quicker in a canoe. To see so much beautiful blue water running fast and clear was a delight.

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Athrotaxis selaginoides
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Re: Clutha River

Postby andrewa » Wed 29 Jan, 2014 8:41 am

Yes, its a fun way to travel.

I fished the Goulburn on Sunday, and rafted back down at the end. Very enjoyable way to get back to the car on a 36C day, rather than trotting back downstream in waders!

Lots of packrafting options over there....have a look at

I'm a bit of a ludite - if that link doesnt work, search "you tube, roman dial, when I'm small"......some pretty exciting packrafting Roman did on some of the West Coast rivers a few years ago.

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