Bushwalk Australia Magazine August 2020

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Bushwalk Australia Magazine August 2020

Postby wildwalks » Fri 31 Jul, 2020 6:55 pm

COVID contingencies -- Latest edition
August 2020 : Issue 42

Download PDF (6mb)

Epub Version (15mb)

Another great edition:
* Barrington Tops - A national park with a significant variation in altitude*
* Mount Emmett - A giant's sand castle made of big rocks
* South West Cape Circuit - Melaleuca Inlet to SW Cape and Noyhener Beach
* Photo Gallery - Stunning bushwalking photos
* Australia's Lockdown - 2020 -- as seen by Yvonne Lollback
* Malbena Update - The fight for Lake Malbena continues
* Good Signage in National Parks - Why signs are essential for safety
* Chocolate - It should be a food group

A big thanks to our awesome contributors.

Stay safe -- Happy Walking

Matt :)
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