AAWT food drops, placing and collecting

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AAWT food drops, placing and collecting

Postby Lophophaps » Tue 02 Aug, 2016 1:07 pm

This thread is for people who want to find other people who are putting in or retrieving food drops on the AAWT. All posts should make the following points clear for food drops:
* Where you live, in general terms (Adelaide, South Sydney);
* When the food drops need to be put in, more or less;
* Where you intend to put them in general terms, e.g., Omeo Highway; and
* If you would like a GPS reference, a picture, a trail of breadcrumbs or the like.

If you want an empty food drop collected, you should state:
* The general location;
* What it looks like; and
* What to do with the container.

It's suggested that the detailed specifics of the food drops not be posted here. While unlikely, the forces of darkness may go to your food and eat it. This has happened. Contact with the other person should be by private message or email.

It's strongly recommended that all critical instructions be by email. This will give clear and unambiguous advice, with a record on the computers at both ends, without reliance on a website.
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Re: AAWT food drops, placing and collecting

Postby Stroller » Tue 02 Aug, 2016 2:18 pm

Great idea for this thread Lop.

Now i am not up to the point of sharing my food drop positions yet but I have a perhaps controversial suggestion I want to make to go along with the main issue of this thread. And Lop if this bothers you, please pm me.

As its so difficult for me to both drop and collect my food bins, I wonder if a good solution for collection after my walk would be for someone else to use them for their own walk. I intend to make eight food drops.

My suggestion would be that you contact me by email (cause i won't be logging in much here after I leave home end of September 2016) but I'll always be available on email. I don't have my mobile up and running yet either.

Second, I give you the precise locations of all my food bins with GPS position so that you can find it. I give you this info when my walk is over. When you go, take along an extra one or two, just in case someone else finds mine and takes them, though I could write an instruction on the bucket to leave it in place for later users.

I'm doing the walk in January and Feb and this could work really well for someone starting their walk in March and or April.
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Re: AAWT food drops, placing and collecting

Postby Mark F » Wed 05 Oct, 2016 2:45 pm

I am planning to do my food drops around Kiandra around 18 to 20 October with 2 walk in drops from Selwyn Resort and Round Mountain. I will start and end in Canberra. I also intend to do my drops in Victoria and Thredbo November 1 to 4. If these dates are of interest please pm.
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