Walhalla accomodation

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Walhalla accomodation

Postby oyster_07 » Sun 28 Aug, 2016 7:05 pm

I'll be overnighting in Walhalla the night before launching my AAWT effort.

If I were by myself I wouldn't really mind, but I'll have my partner with me and therefore want accommodation that is more reasonable than with what I would be comfortable.

Any recommendations?
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Re: Walhalla accomodation

Postby Rlgm12 » Sun 28 Aug, 2016 7:14 pm

Stayed in the walhalla lodge or whatever it was called, it was really nice. Unfortunately burnt down recently.

Your option is the classic hotel there.
The houses in the township tend to need two nights minimum. So maybe consider heading up a little earlier and having some quality time with your partner.

They're all quite nice actually and the hotel is nice as well.
Note: the pub is rather expensive but is really the only option.
I do suggest you eat there tho, get to know the folks and all. Nice people down there.

Oh, there is a bed and breakfast, at least one, but the owner is not a nice guy nor is his wife. So I'd suggest not staying at the bed and breakfast.
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