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Walhallah to Bright

PostPosted: Sat 20 May, 2017 11:47 pm
by rookstar81
I am exploring the idea of heading north from Walhallah and arrive in Bright for Christmas with family. Can I ask for ideas on how long this may take and could anyone recommend a nice walk from the standard AAWT track to Bright. Are there any nice tracks in this area that lead from the track to Brightm Where would you recommend leaving the AAWT track?

Re: Walhallah to Bright

PostPosted: Sun 21 May, 2017 1:57 pm
by madmacca
From Hotham, you can pick up a bus 3 times per week to Bright (check this, as the bus company has recently been taken over).

To walk it, near Hotham at the Diamantina Hut you should head north along the Razorback towards Feathertop, which is some of the best walking anywhere in Victoria. From there you can then take the trail down to Harrietville (and again catch the bus from there). Alternatively, you can head north from Feathertop along Dungey track into State Forest and it will drop you out pretty close to Bright.

Walhalla to Hotham is about 220 km, so allow 12-18 days. Hotham to Bright would be 2-3 days beyond this.

Re: Walhallah to Bright

PostPosted: Mon 22 May, 2017 10:18 pm
by Lophophaps
Madmacca's figures are about right. Some people walk fast, others slow. Another way to Bright is to go over Jaithmathang, Fainters, and Big Hill FT. This comes out behind the toilet block on the south side of Mt Beauty. Taxi to Bright three times a week. This will take 3-4 days from Hotham, so maybe keep options open until Hotham. If the weather really falls apart, catch the bus from Hotham.

Re: Walhallah to Bright

PostPosted: Sun 29 Oct, 2017 8:31 pm
by paidal_chalne_vala
You can walk into Harrietville from Mt. Hotham down the Bon Accord spur. From there you could hitch hike into Bright.