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Mt Roland New Years Day

Sat 04 Jan, 2014 11:14 am

Our new year’s trip up Mt Roland (near Sheffield) started with the radar showing a rather large rain band wandering across the n'west tip of Tassie.
This was the view when we left home.

We set off up the back track from O'Neils Road.
Didn't take long and the weather clagged in. Actually I enjoy walking in those conditions so long as it’s not freezing!

The wild flowers and vegetation never disappoint.
Christmas Bush

Met this poor bird along the way. He seemed a bit young and alone, but on way back at same place there was an adult bird bouncing along the track so suspect mum or dad?

This stuff is amazing. Someone will no doubt say what it is. My daughter had a rather rude word for it!

The Banksias were amazing. These looked like little animals peering at you through the foliage.
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Mt Roland New Years Day Cont.

Sat 04 Jan, 2014 11:22 am

The plains leading up the back.

rain was easing - a bit

The view from the top was amazing.
We were between 2 cloud layers.
The bottom layer was ever changing and with a fair breeze a gully just to the south allowed for some spectacular displays that made the trip worthwhile.
Nothing beats sitting on the top of a mountain watching the clouds and the mounting ranges playing hide and seek. Fabulous stuff.
view from the top

looking south westerly towards Cradle (it's there somewhere)



Mt Roland New Years Day Continued

Sat 04 Jan, 2014 11:30 am

A rare glimpse of life back on earth. (looking towards Sheffield)

What made it so special too are the Christmas Bells
These are just gorgeous. (We actually bought 2 off Habitat and they were centre place on our Christmas table, but not as stunning as this)

Seeing the weather had little interest in letting go of the clouds we left for home.
wild flowers and more mist


My boot decided to play tricks and come apart at 'The Rand' (thanks Corvus). Electrical tape held all together. Thankfully!


Mt Roland New Years Day Continued

Sat 04 Jan, 2014 11:38 am

The trip back was not devoid of interesting sites.
The ferns were stunning in the rain



again - don't know what it is. Intense colour.



Mt Roland New Years Day Continued

Sat 04 Jan, 2014 11:44 am

There were some impressive 'downers'

And this in very recent times.
It made short work of demolishing some big trees on way down.
Amazing that it stood for so long when you look at the thin outer core of sound wood.


All in all a very nice way to spend New Year’s Day with our 2 oldest, on my favourite mountain.

Also had some personal meaning as this time last year we wandered up and scattered my old mates ashes on 'His favorite Mountain' (Ode to Charlie)

Re: Mt Roland New Years Day

Sat 04 Jan, 2014 7:25 pm

tw you know how to rub it in :lol: almost recovered from a torn ankle ligament and chafing at the bit to walk somewhere and realise that Roland would be a nice all round easy day walk,will be a pity to miss out on those fabulous native flowers however the bird life will make up for that.

Re: Mt Roland New Years Day

Sun 12 Jan, 2014 11:04 am

That bright yellow worm is a canary worm, apparently. (Saw it on a post on this site ages ago). We see them in winter a lot in our area.

Re: Mt Roland New Years Day

Sun 12 Jan, 2014 1:00 pm

Thanks walkabout.
Another poster pm'd me and said same.
Too late to edit photo.
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