Edelrid Canyon rope: 9mm polypropylene core static

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Edelrid Canyon rope: 9mm polypropylene core static

Postby FatCanyoner » Tue 17 Apr, 2012 5:21 pm

G'day folks,

Last weekend I got a chance to try out the new polypropylene core static 9mm canyoning rope produced by Edelrid, which replaces what was a very popular canyoning rope which I enjoyed using (I know most folks here aren't canyoners, so this probably won't be of much interest to you, sorry).
It seems they have changed the design drastically as a result of signing up to the Bluesign standard, which means switching to chemical components with lower ecological and toxicological impacts.

While the rope is very light (even when wet), easy to handle and work with, and probably pretty good for casual canyoners, I was really underwhelmed. I felt it had far too much stretch, the sheath was too weak, and the fact that it can only be used double rope a major design failure.

I have written up an extensive review, with photos, here: http://fatcanyoners.org/bush-guide/edelrid-canyon-9mm/

On a side note, if you are after some static rope you can still pick up some of the old Edelrid rope at massively reduced prices from Summit Gear (almost 40% off). The Sydney Uni Bushwalkers have already picked up a 200m roll, which I'm looking forward to using.

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