A very good explanation of Cuben fibre and DCF

A place to chat about gear and the philosphy of ultralight. Ultralight bushwalking or backpacking focuses on carrying the lightest and simplest kit. There is still a good focus on safety and skill.
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Ultralight Bushwalking/backpacking is about more than just gear lists. Ultralight walkers carefully consider gear based on the environment they are entering, the weather forecast, their own skill, other people in the group. Gear and systems are tested and tweaked.
If you are new to this area then welcome - Please remember that although the same ultralight philosophy can be used in all environments that the specific gear and skill required will vary greatly. It is very dangerous to assume that you can just copy someone else's gear list, but you are encouraged to ask questions, learn and start reducing the pack weight and enjoying the freedom that comes.

Common words
Base pack backpacking the mass of the backpack and the gear inside - not including consumables such as food, water and fuel
light backpacking base weight less than 9.1kg
ultralight backpacking base weight less than 4.5kg
super-ultralight backpacking base weight less than 2.3kg
extreme-ultralight backpacking base weight less than 1.4kg

A very good explanation of Cuben fibre and DCF

Postby Suresh » Wed 25 Apr, 2018 5:48 pm

I recently bought some Cuben DCF articles from ZPacks and like what I got.

This podcast gave me an understanding of what this material is and what to look for. All DCF is not the same

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Re: A very good explanation of Cuben fibre and DCF

Postby Franco » Thu 26 Apr, 2018 9:10 am

I think that it works without a membership , if it does not let me know because there is another link to it.
At 1 hour and 20 minutes it is rather long but I found it very informative particularly interesting for me to hear the different opinions several of the manufacturers had.
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Re: A very good explanation of Cuben fibre and DCF

Postby Orion » Thu 26 Apr, 2018 10:49 am

That linked page includes a link to youtube where I was able to "watch" the podcast. Well, at least the first 4-5 minutes of it. It's pretty dang boring. Plus the hosts both have kind of high register whiny nerd voices. They should have got Peter Coyote to narrate.

I'd love to see a text version that summarizes what they had to say.
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