WA Cape to Cape - need help for planning

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WA Cape to Cape - need help for planning

Postby janhvic » Thu 09 Aug, 2018 7:40 pm

We are planning to do the Cape to Cape in 7 days.
The campsites are
Day 1 Duckworth Campsite 10.5km
Day 2 Moses Campsite 22km
Day 3 Ellensbrook Campsite 22.5km
Day 4 Prevelley Caravan Park 14km
Day 5 - Day 7 Prevelley to Augusta 66km
Total 135km

I need help in planning the second part as the distance doesn't make sense according to the maps/guidebook/website.
First of all, the new book said the whole trail is only 128km not 135km.
Secondly, there is no Boranup campsite any more,
Thirdly, from Prevelley to Boranup, I thought it's 26.75km, but some people said it is over 30km
I have two options as below.... but I still don't know if the info I got from the website/maps/guidebook correct or not.
If anyone has done this trail, much appreciated if you can give me some advice.

Plan A:
Day 5 stay in Conto's campground walk 16km
Day 6 stay in Hameline Bay walk 22.5km
Day 7 get to Augusta walk 27.5km

Plan B:
Day 5 stay in Boranup (Trig) Hill campsite 26.75km
Day 6 stay in Deepdene campsite 21.75km
Day 7 get to Augusta 16.5km
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Re: WA Cape to Cape - need help for planning

Postby Redtail » Tue 14 Aug, 2018 3:45 pm

There's a newly released guidebook available from a well-travelled walker. No affiliation and no idea how good it is, just thought you should know ...

And my 10c worth - plan to walk north, i.e. starting at Augusta. Those southerlies are strong and walking 135km into a headwind all day is hard work. Others, of course, may disagree. :D
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Re: WA Cape to Cape - need help for planning

Postby Freodude » Thu 16 Aug, 2018 12:18 pm

I can't remember exactly where each beach sections are but for me I would take them into account when thinking about distances, some beaches are tough going. Also I wouldn't necessarily plan for campsites for anything but water sources, I know you aren't supposed to camp any where but the designated spots but I highly recommend finding a spot on a sea cliff over somewhere like Duckworth (which is really just a drop toilet and water tank at the side of a 4wd track). I did it in June starting in Dunsborough after being dropped off by coach at around 9:30am, followed the Meelup trail, in June it gets dark around 5:30pm, after walking by head light to find Duckworth on the first day I decided at 3pm each day I would start looking for a spot to camp.

It's a stunning hike which is the other reason I would recommend not pre planning to stop at designated spots, that way you can take you're time on the more beautiful sections and make up the time on the 4wd tracks or the next day. Water sources are the most important thing to plan. And if you are crossing the Margaret River Mouth don't believe the guide book about the quality of water at the springs North of Joey's Nose, I made a coffee with it but I wouldn't rely on it for much more.
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