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Marriotts Falls

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Track Briefs

25000:1 MAP: Maydena 4626, Dobson 4627
Start (Lat/Long): 42°42'59.97"S 146°39'41.82"E
Distance: approx 2.05km from carpark one-way
Time required: 3 hrs rtn
Degree of difficulty: easy, hard last 500m
Elevation Gained: unknown
Track Type: Walking Track only
Vehicle Required: 2WD to carparks


Turn off is marked on Gordon River Rd, just past the Tyenna Cemetary. Follow Gravel road until you cross the Tyenna river. There is a carpark immediately to the left of the bridge that we used at the time.

Cross the railway line and follow the marked track to the "real" carpark at the beginning of the track. This road was rutted & impassable due to fallen trees the day I went (Aug 2009).

The Start of the trail is clearly marked with a footbridge and signage, with work done by the locals in the 90s to make this a relatively well developed path, gravelled with steps and walkways.

The path follows the Tyenna River and after the first 500m levels out and opens up into a large field formally used for farming. You will pass a washed-away bridge & remains of a style. keep heading downriver near the end of the field, where you will start to see standard triangle markers every 50m or so.

The track steadily climbs at this point and you will need to cross some buttongrass bogs, following the markers. The track will then narrow and become more overgrown in the last 500m.

This last 500m is difficult to very hard depending on weather. Visiting just after rains, The track is very muddy, steep in sections and slippery. There have been tree falls across the track that you need to climb or duck over and in a few areas the track has been washed away entirely.

The track progessively worsens as you approach the falls. It took us 30 mins to travel the initial 1.5kms, but then nearly 45 mins to navigate the final 800 metres.

Upon arrival you will rewarded with views of a large single tier waterfall around 30m high. I would not recommend visiting after heavy falls, as higher water levels around the falls during such times makes it nearly impossible to get near. To truly enjoy the falls I would recommend arriving mid to late morning and taking a lunch in with you.


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