Online dating is Sweden: So Swedish singles use free dating services?

Do Swedes use free dating sites?

Online dating is a huge trend nowadays: though it has been existing for a few decades already, modern technologies, sites and apps make this approach to dating even more available and convenient for everyone. Swedes are no exception: they use dating platforms a lot to meet new friends, potential partners, and lovers - and sometimes even those who live abroad, because real online dating knows no limits on distance - especially when it comes to real live. Lots of foreigners dreaming of dating a Swede want to use some Swedish dating sites for free: most people prefer services they don’t need to pay for, but is it always an option? Let’s find out more.

When most people discuss online dating, they tend to see it as either something casual that should always be free, or something that is always overly expensive and available to only some people. Real dating platforms that can actually help are neither of that: most services have some limited free functions, but require paid subscription to open more functions and opportunities for dating. That’s why it’s pretty hard to find a free Swedish dating site: services aren’t free not because of some “greedy developers” (who want to earn money for their work, though), but because of the following reasons:

  • All dating sites want to make money from their users - and the question is how they can earn it. You can sometimes find a good free Swedish dating site with lots of ads - and that means that the service manages to stay subscription-free because of how many ads it shows to its unique visitors per month. If you manage to ignore or block the adds, then it can be a good option for you - but if not, then you might get irritated by the number of pop-ups, flashy images, and other things trying to attract your attention;
  • Some unreliable free services can neglect their users’ personal information - or sometimes even intentionally sell it. Fortunately, most services don’t do it: this can lead to huge legal actions and destroyed reputations, so popular and huge services treat privacy of their clients very seriously. But you should always be careful with small sites that have no reputation or safety proofs: nowadays, a man’s information can cost more than he does, so it should be protected;
  • Finally - paid services manage to repel users who have no serious intentions, users, who don’t take online dating seriously, and users, who can’t afford to invest a few dollars into their future relationships. If you don’t want to receive lots of unsolicited pics of special body parts of random people, and prefer high-quality and more sophisticated online dating instead, then paid services can be a better option for you - and that’s why lots of Swedes don’t use Swedish dating sites for free.

Sweden is a highly-developed and wealthy country, where most people are used to paying for content and services they use: those people don’t always try to avoid paying a few dollars for something, so most Swedes prefer regular dating sites over completely free ones. It’s also true for international dating: when a Swedish person wants to date someone abroad, they understand that it’s more complicated and often requires more money, so they don’t try to be more economical on it. It doesn’t mean that every person from the US or Europe, who’s interested in dating a Swedish partner online, should pay through the nose - there are lots of great platforms that are relatively cheap or shareware that you can enjoy a lot, so you don’t need to look for Swedish dating sites for free.

There are some services you should know about:

  • Happy Pancake is a popular service for casual dating that is mostly used by younger people. It’s a simple service with no many functions that can still help you to come across interesting people, who want to find flashy romances and one-night stands. The service works not only in Sweden, but also in some nearest countries, so you’ll have an opportunity to see different attractive singles there. Locals interested in hookups won’t probably be interested in dating foreigners who aren’t in Sweden - simply because it’s harder to reach them. Exceptions happen, though: sometimes you can meet a person interested in something real on almost every platform, including Happy Pancake;
  • Badoo is another service that is popular in Sweden, and you probably know it well: this site is extremely widely used in the USA and lots of other countries, and it has its Swedish version as well. It’s in Swedish, but a person who has already used the English version won’t find it hard to use it conveniently. This is a pretty traditional dating site that has both people looking for fun and real love, and it also allows users to use filters to sort their potential partners - so you have high changes to find soulmates there. Good news is that the paid version of the site won’t make your online dating experience that much different - so you can use a free one;
  • can help you to meet soulmates and long-term partners wherever you are: the service’s main accent is its availability in many countries all over the world, so you can come across an attractive Swedish person while being anywhere you want. Use special filters to find someone who suits you perfectly, write messages to those who like you back, send gifts, use video calls - in other words, the service doesn’t limit you. It’s not free - but it’s effective and popular, so it can increase your chances to meet a Swedish partner a lot.