Best alternatives to 123movies - how to watch free movies online.

In 2015, developers from Vietnam launched online hosting 123movies, where everyone could freely watch any movies. Movies and TV series were downloaded in any quality. If a new movie was released in a theater, you could count on it appearing on the 123movies site the same day. Some films and serials were of high quality from HD1080p. More than 90 million people around the world used the portal every month. The resource was especially popular in America and England. It was considered the most successful pirate online hosting service in the world. The portal HD1080p was blocked by providers, as a result of which it had to change its name many times. In 2018, the project was officially closed, from that moment its new history began, copies of the resource began to appear online.

123Movies site

Video quality on 123movies

Portal 123movies, like its many clones, is constantly updated with new information, fresh materials and movies, so the quality of video on its pages is very diverse. Here you can find all well-known movies in quality 1080 HD and those videos which have just been presented in the cinema with 240 HD, shot with a trembling hand on a bad camera or even on the phone. You can select the quality of the video in the online player when you start the movie or while watching it. Most often, movies have from 3 to 7 different resolutions. There are movies with dubbing, subtitles and autotranslations available online. The owners are trying to diversify the content, so they add all the available versions of the movies that might be enjoyed by visitors to the portal. Visitors can rate the movie or TV series after they watch it, leave their feedback or discuss it with other users.

Is it safe to watch movies online at 123movies

Visiting 123movies can be associated with several inconveniences at once: regular ads and fines, imprisonment if there is a law on illegal content. Let us first consider the issue of administrative penalties. It is related to the laws in force in the country. In some countries, there is no prosecution for viewing pirated material, while in others you may receive a hefty fine, warning and then even be sent to jail for several days. Serious offenders can expect more serious penalties. To avoid such developments, you should take care of your anonymity. To do this, you can install a special extension VPN in your browser, or use the incognito function. Both options will hide your real IP address.

123Movies site

In addition to the law, 123movies users will be constantly annoyed by pop-up ads, as the owner of the pirate portal earns money on advertising banners. If nothing is done before you start watching movies, the ads will appear all the time and interfere with viewing. The solution can be a blocker that is installed directly in the browser. It automatically closes the pop-up ads and allows its owner to enjoy watching movies.  It is important to choose blockers that have good ratings, positive reviews and testing by a large number of users.

Best alternatives to 123movies

The termination of the world's best pirate hosting has led to the appearance of its numerous copies. Some sites only externally resemble the original, in others the developers have taken care to ensure that the external content was at a high level and visitors could find almost any material. The most popular are considered to be the 5 copies discussed below.

1. Gostream

The resource is almost identical to the original portal 123movies. The developers have tried to restore the design of the site, copied its navigation system through the menu. Even a strict critic will not be able to find any differences, except for the project logo. The owners care about a good stream of broadcasts on the site, so its services are pleasant to use.

soap2day site

2. Soap2day

Quite a young service, which has just begun to gain popularity, but it is already actively entrenched in the ranking of leaders by the amount of online material provided to users. The portal collects a huge number of series, records of show programs and movie novelties. While the only disadvantage of the resource is a large number of advertising banners and windows that are almost never blocked.

3. Fmovies

Improved clone of the portal design repeats the original portal, but the navigation is seriously refined. The owners have taken into account the wishes of users and developed their own category system, making the site as convenient for visiting as possible.

4. Yesmovies

Convenient online hosting, where you can watch TV series and TV shows. New content appears on the service very often, visitors always have something to watch from fresh movies. The design is similar to 123movies, but has its own theme.

5. Putlocker

A resource with a large library of movies from different periods. Site was started in 2012 (by Wikipedia information), earlier than 123movies and still is one of the leaders among online hosting providers.

All existing copies of 123movies resemble it very much in appearance and navigation. They regularly update the movie catalog and add new features for watching shows, clips and interviews.