The use of dermal fillers (fillers) in the field of the face: What do you need to know?

Over time, the density of the skin and bones is changing. Along with the harmful factors, such as excessive stay in the sun, smoking, alcohol consumption, there is a loss of elasticity and volume, the appearance of wrinkles. Dermal fillers can be used in a non-operational method for smoothing wrinkles, snaps, filling bags under the eyes, giving shapes, increasing the volume of lips and their contouring, smoothing scars.

There are two main groups of dermal fillers - natural and synthetic. Fillers made of natural products - mainly hyaluronic acid, hide a much smaller risk of an allergic reaction. The effect instant, lasts from six months to a year. Over time, hyaluronic acid is split in the body and therefore needs to be maintained. Both types of fillers represent the risk of allergies and other side effects, but synthetic fillers are more, because an artificial product is injected, which is not split from the body. Natural, consisting of hyaluronic acid, is preferable because of its benefit and low risk of side effects. Fillers with hyaluronic acid are different species depending on the binding of molecules, concentration and density. The filler can be entered using various types of needles or cannul.

Before deploying a filler, a dermatologist is needed, which will appreciate the required amount and depth of application to achieve the desired result. Then you can proceed to apply an anesthetic cream, after which the essence of the procedure should be the introduction of the dermal filler. Duration varies from several minutes depending on the number of areas being processed. After manipulation, the effect is visible immediately, bruises and swelling at the injection site, which take place in a few days. Patients return to their daily life without the need for a rehabilitation period.

The procedure does not suit pregnant and lactating women, people with active infections, patients with allergies on the ingredients of Haluron Filler. Possible side effects - redness, swelling, bruises or swelling - can be considered as risks. In cases where the fillers are not enough to achieve the best results, the correction can be combined with the use of Botox, peeling and laser. To begin our article about 1XBET let’s take a look at the design and colour scheme of the website. The 1XBET website has been created using mainly blue and white as the base colours and that makes everything clear and easy to understand. What is the 1XBet Promo Code? is fantastic and offers new customers at 1XBET a 100% bonus up to €/$130 (or currency equivalent). That means you can make a first deposit of up to €/$130 and you will receive the same amount back in free bets. You will then be automatically entitled to the 1XBET 100% bonus up to €/$130, which is a great way to start betting at the website.