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Snacks are important on the track for keeping energy and morale levels up, particularly on days where the track is hard or there is a long distance to cover.
In terms of quantities, a good rule of thumb is approximately 100g snacks per person per day (of course, depending on the exact types of snacks you’re taking).
Think about foods that are easy to store in the top of your pack, can be eaten on the move, are high in energy and also easy to share. Just be mindful that some of these snacks are very salty and you might need a bit of extra water to balance that out.
Some great ideas for snacks include:
- Scroggin (recipe ideas herehere and here) – or just use your imagination with whatever you have in your cupboard! Beware that chocolate can melt – consider using non-melting chocolate like chocolate chips used in baking as these are less likely to melt.

Simple snacks

- Muesli bars (e.g. carmen’s)
- Pepperoni sticks (e.g. Hans)
- Pre-made trail mix (e.g. organic trail mix)
- Pre-made nut mix (e.g. Bhuja)
- Fruit – fresh and dried.
- Nuts
- Pikelets – prepare at home with a little jam and honey.
- Fruitcake – slice up at home for easy eating on the track.
- Lollies
- Chocolates – again, beware that chocolate melts even on only moderately hot days when it’s stored in the top of your pack. Wrap carefully in case it melts (zip lock bag), and store deeper inside pack as it tends to be cooler here. At camp, you can attempt to re-solidify melted chocolate by place in zip-lock bag and putting it in a cold water source such as a nearby river or creek.
- Chips or savoury biscuits (e.g. chicken crimpies).

Gourmet snacks