Franklin River Day 11 – Hobbit Hole – Unplanned Rest Day Due to River in Flood

Even before getting out of bed, I could tell that we were going to be stuck in our miserable hovel of a camp all day and for a second night.  The rain had continued spasmodically during the night and the deafening roar of a violent, raging river just a few meters away was also a bit of a hint.

View of the river and the nearby rapid from our make shift camp site

The river level continued rising during the morning and peaked at midday about two metres higher than the level that we had started with.  Of course there was some guess work involved in this estimate, but we watched it drop by almost one metre during the following 24 hours, and more over the next couple of days.

Camp Tasker, AKA, the Hobbit Hole

This was going to be a difficult day for us as we were stuck here all day and we didn’t know if the water level would be any better the next day or not.  Additionally, the occasional light drizzle and the constant spattering of water dripping from the cliffs above made our camp a moderately unpleasant environment to be stuck in.  We had to retreat to the shelter of the lean-to or our tents several times during the more significant showers.

For lunch I decided to cheer myself up a bit by cooking cheese toasties as I’d read about on the forums at – they were great, both with and without salami!

In between rain showers the sun came out occasionally so there were a few opportunities to get out and stretch the legs.  I spent a lot of time standing on one of the large boulders amongst the scrub just looking at the environment around me.  I became very familiar with the view of the nearby rapid and of the forest on the other side.

This Pandanii Family of four in the forest across the other side of the river frequently got my attention and reminded me of my own family back at home

As the afternoon progressed, we watched as the river level began to drop.  We became hopeful that we would be able to recommence rafting the next day.

At one point while walking between my tent and the lean-to, I slipped on wet rocks and landed hard on my left hip.  It was very painful and produced a large bruise which lasted for about a week.  I was lucky I didn’t break any bones.

With not much else to do, we went to bed quite early.  On the previous night, three people had crammed into the two person tent and two people had slept under the lean-to.  On the second night there were only two people in that tent and three in the lean-to.  Apparently it had been very uncomfortable with three in the tent.

I felt a little guilty that I’d had a reasonably comfortable place to sleep both nights at the Hobbit Hole.  My tent didn’t quite fit in the spot I’d cut out of the scrub with both ends hanging over the edges of the flat area.  I’d built up the ground underneath it with rocks to make it work and ended up with a fairly flat area on which to sleep so my tent was quite comfortable.

However, it hurt to lie on my left hip; it hurt to lie on my right ribs; it hurt to move; it hurt to breath.  I was not a happy camper.

Hobbit Hole location

Hobbit Hole location according to iPhone GPS