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Welcome & Site Origins

Postby Son of a Beach » Wed 03 Oct, 2007 1:38 pm

Welcome to the Bushwalk Australia forums. This is the online community of bush walkers and a repository of useful bushwalking related information. Note that we are a community, not a club. This means that participation is free and open to all bushwalkers.

Why a forum for bush walkers? Well, I was recently planning a walk to a location that I (and everyone I know) had never been to. I found that there was no good information source on the internet about this walk. A few web searches turned up a little bit information on our proposed route, but most of the information came from a mate asking questions in a fly fishing forum.

So this forum was intended to fill that void by providing a place to share and find information of use to bush walkers.

Note that I do not consider myself an expert in the subject of bush walking. I'm moderately experienced, but not a highly accomplished bush walker. However, I do enjoy walking enough to want to discuss issues with other walkers, ask for advice, and occasionally provide some advice to others myself.

So I hope this site proves to be a useful resource for all bushwalkers.
Son of a Beach
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