Please Report Posts Which Require Moderator Attention

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Please Report Posts Which Require Moderator Attention

Postby Son of a Beach » Fri 09 Jul, 2010 11:13 am

As these forum have become more busy, it has become more difficult for the moderator team to keep up with the increased activity. Therefore, we would like to ask for your assistance.

We would like to remind all members of the forum to keep in mind the ability to "report" a post that might need attention from the moderator team. Eg, posts that breach forum rules can be reported, and also posts that are simply in the wrong forum and need to be moved should be reported.

In particular, posts that do not meet the number 1 site rule of keeping all content polite and friendly, and suitable for an audience with a wide age range, should be reported. Other problem posts would include unauthorised advertising or spam.

Reporting a post doesn't mean that disciplinary action is being requested, but merely that it needs attention from a moderator. Reporting a post does not make the post look any different to normal for people reading the forums, it merely brings it to the attention of the moderator team, making it obvious to us that people think something should be done about the post, and the reporting process includes the opportunity for you to write a note to the moderators regarding why the post needs attention.

Anonymity is assured outside the moderator team.

Reporting a post is as simple as clicking on the exclamation mark icon on the top line of any post that you think needs the attention of the moderator team and submitting the form that is displayed.

The moderator team would very much appreciate your assistance with this.

Edit: There is a bit more info here
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