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Shorts / belt

Tue 23 Feb, 2021 12:26 pm

I have a couple of pairs of cargo style shorts I wear for walking, but find the fabric cinch style belts that usually come built in, just seem to slip before too long. They work well when new but seem to wear fast, and lose their grip now I find I'm having to pull up / tighten my shorts all the time.

Just wondering if any of you have found a pair with a better style of belt, or modified these type of shorts with something else? Apart from the built in belt becoming useless, they are still in great condition and don't want to be ... waistful. :)

Re: Shorts / belt

Tue 23 Feb, 2021 12:40 pm ... 4133874690
I used one like this on some shorts I had once. You could probably find one cheaper with a good hunt. Worked a treat, and you can cut it to suit. I had tabs on my shorts-you don't say whether you have the tabs? If not sew some on.
Placcy buckle but it didn't fail in the year I used it. You could also probably put some good elastic in the 'channel' if it has one?

Several years back I just bought some good wide elasticated (swimming) shorts for bushwalking as I got sick of the constant adjusting -tightening usually over the day, with a drawstring (that's never really used but I keep it just in case), never sag, nor need constant tightening. The best option for me by several kilometres. Running shorts will do the trick too.

Re: Shorts / belt

Tue 23 Feb, 2021 1:06 pm

Yeah I have thought the same, I have some Nike running shorts that are brilliant... light weight, breath wonderfully, and never become loose. The only thing I'd miss while camping though is the extra pockets. It comes in so handy for a knife, rubbish bag or what-not.

I was looking at those types of belts online before I thought I should probably post the question here. The shorts I have don't have the belt tabs/loops on the outside... they have the channel inside the shorts as you mention.

Re: Shorts / belt

Tue 23 Feb, 2021 1:10 pm

Dexter wrote:The shorts I have don't have the belt tabs/loops on the outside... they have the channel inside the shorts as you mention.

You could try some thick elastic sewn at one end then pulled through and stretched/bunched up like your running shorts then sewn at the other end. Making your own elasticated shorts.
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