OSM maps for Garmin GPS

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Re: OSM maps for Garmin GPS

Postby bernieq » Fri 07 Aug, 2020 7:35 pm

Ok, GPS map66 shouldn't have any problem.

Each map file should download as a single file; they are not big enough to need to be segmented.

You don't need Basecamp to load the maps to the gps - just copy the map file directly into the /garmin folder on the sd card. (ie turn off gps, take sd out of gps, insert sd in card reader, connect to mac, copy file to /garmin folder, eject sd, reinstall sd in gps, turn on gps)

However, this link is to a mac legacy version of basecamp :
https://www8.garmin.com/support/downloa ... sp?id=4939

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Re: OSM maps for Garmin GPS

Postby andrewp » Sun 18 Oct, 2020 9:48 pm

Hi all,

Another set of new maps based on OSM data from 17 Oct 2020.

Queensland now has contour and hydro data from QTopo. A big improvement. WA and NT now the only ones without accurate contours and hydro. WA has data available, but only by subscription. Strange, when freely available from all other jurisdictions.

I've also used new state boundaries with less overlap. Actually no overlap where the borders are straight lines, and just a little where they are wiggly lines i.e. VIC/NSW along the Murray and NSW/QLD where it follows the Dumaresq, Macintyre and Barwon rivers. These winding sections are a bit problematic with overlaps, particularly NSW/QLD. Sometimes a forest area from one state protrudes into the other and obscures details from the other. If you are walking close to the border you may need to disable the other state map.

I've noticed that the NSW contour data are not very good close to the QLD border. Contour steps vary suddenly from 10m to 20m and 50m and some even 100m. Contour lines just stops. There are good examples (or rather bad) in Mt Nothofagus NP and Koreelah NP. As far as I can tell they are the same on Six maps online.

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