Highlight completion on map app

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Highlight completion on map app

Postby newywalker » Wed 15 May, 2019 9:24 am


New to the site, not a super experienced bushwalker aside from occasional trail but keen to ramp up my efforts. My partner and I want to do the Great North Walk - Sydney to Newcastle, but given time constraints and kids plan on doing it in sections over the course of a year.

Wondering if anyone knows of an iPhone app where we can load in the Great North Walk and then mark sections complete (highlight etc) as we walk them. We won't necessarily be able do each section in order, and given its over a year thought an app like this would be a cool way to keep tabs on which sections are done and which ones we need to do.

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Re: Highlight completion on map app

Postby Huntsman247 » Thu 16 May, 2019 8:49 am

Not really an electronic solution but could be a cool way of keeping track of what you do. Make a map; either if there is a complete overview with enough details or take screenshots and compile them. But make sure it looks good. Then print the map at A1 or A0 size at office works. Stick it up on the wall at home and use a highlighter as you go. At least you can see it and it becomes a goal. And can be a cool thing to show friends how you progress.
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