Overland Track Usage Guidelines - Update April 2013

Discussion specifically about the Overland Track should be posted in this subforum, including side trips and the Cradle Mountain day walk area. Alternative access routes and connecting routes belong in the parent forum.
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Re: Overland Track Usage Guidelines - Update April 2013

Postby MickyB » Tue 24 Apr, 2018 10:26 pm

tastrax wrote:
norts wrote:A heads up in regard to camping at Waterfall Valley, I was there on Sunday night(23 Apr) . There is now a platform (up behind the main toilets) that is reserved for non Overland Walkers. The sign said it needed to be booked. I presume you book at the Visitors Centre.


Been there for years and generally used by “groups” either commercial or booked groups

You might be referring to a different platform tastrax. Workers were close to completing the new one when I was there in February. My mate sent an email to Parks with a few queries about the new platform. Here is part of the response:
Terms and Conditions:
Maximum Limit of 3 nights at a time, per booking.
One double camping platform available, i.e. room for roughly two double tents or 4 single tents.
Require responsible/accountable booking name. (person is to carry photo ID).
The booking name of the walker must be present on the platform and proof of booking in the form of emailed “itinery” and photo ID will be requested by rangers.

Parties booking the facility adhere to the terms and conditions to the Overland Track group site and are required to stay on the platform and not to use huts or camp anywhere other than the platform provided.
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Re: Overland Track Usage Guidelines - Update April 2013

Postby tastrax » Tue 24 Apr, 2018 10:29 pm

My apologies - anyone got some pictures of where its located?
Cheers - Phil

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