Transport to Farmhouse Creek or Hobart region

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Transport to Farmhouse Creek or Hobart region

Postby Jok178 » Mon 22 Jan, 2018 2:56 pm

I'd like to put up a post regarding transport to hiking locations around Hobart.

We recently came down from Darwin to climb Federation Peak with the intention of using Huon Valley taxi's as our pickup after the walk. While in Hobart we met an Uber driver named Pete, he offered to be our pickup at a far cheaper rate than the taxi service. Of course we agreed and when I gave him a call from the summit to confirm we are still on time I asked if he'd pick up some beers for us too. When he arrived to collect us he came in a luxury 7 seat SUV bearing ice cold beers in an eskie, also a couple of delicious meat/salad rolls from the bakery. I cannot praise his service enough and encourage anyone needing a lift in the region to give him a call, he also can bring a trailer for bigger groups equipment loads.

His details are as follows:
Pete: 0448 855 741
7 Seat luxury SUV + trailer
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Re: Transport to Farmhouse Creek or Hobart region

Postby CKM » Sun 07 Jan, 2024 2:28 pm

I wonder if anyone else has help on transport options to Farmhouse Creek? The main option doesn't go first thing in the morning from Hobart. Any advice would be welcome. We go Jan 27, 2023.
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Re: Transport to Farmhouse Creek or Hobart region

Postby farefam » Mon 08 Jan, 2024 1:44 am

As a regular visitor from interstate I had the same problem when I was planning a recent trip to the Crest Range and beyond, but as I ended up having to cancel the remainder of my holiday only 6 days in due to an injury, the point unfortunately became moot.

The main service I found was Tasmanian Wilderness Experiences, which do advertise a service to and from Hobart to Farmhouse Creek. The cost of $135 per person is for 4 people or more. If the numbers are less than that, the cost per person rises accordingly. Given the cost of fuel, maintenance, overheads and salary, the overall charge is quite fair and reasonable in my opinion.

Unfortunately, hardly anyone seems to use that service to or from Farmhouse Creek anymore. There was only one booking for early Jan (a 3 person group exiting from Farmhouse). My schedule was flexible so I changed it to go from Hobart to Farmhouse on that date. Since the bus would have to run anyway, the operator kindly offered me the $135 rate, even though I would be alone for the trip in, since he would have 3 for the trip back. Otherwise I would have had to pay the full rate to go in. When I then had to unfortunately cancel my paid booking, the operator kindly fully and promptly refunded my money. I can only praise the service and help I received from Tasmanian Wilderness Experiences.

The main problem with going in and out via Farmhouse is that the road is now closed further back, which adds about 8 extra kilometres one way to the walk in.

That probably explains the lack of bookings to Farmhouse in Jan Feb or Mar when I last looked. Currently there is one person booked in on Jan 27 (which I assume is you), otherwise the only other bookings are 6 out on Jan 9, 2 out on Jan 11 and 1 out on Jan 30. No Farmhouse bookings either way for Feb.

I assume most interstate people would probably now walk in and out to Fed Peak from Scotts Peak, as there are more bookings to that location, since it also services Mt Anne, Western Arthurs and the Port Davey tracks. Going to Fed Peak from Scotts Peak is a longer walk, but it is a much more scenic trip in my opinion. And walking back the same way does have the advantage of giving you two opportunities at getting views along the way.

Unfortunately there is currently no taxi service operating out of Geeveston. You could catch a bus from Hobart to Huonville and then get a taxi or maybe an uber from there, but that will also be very expensive, given the distance involved.

As there is more traffic (fishers, tourists etc) hitching is an option to and from Scotts Peak in summer, but good luck with that. I find Australians are reluctant to give lifts these days, even walking the roadside with a pack on your back.

If you want to be in and out on particular dates, unfortunately there is probably no choice but to suck it up and pay whatever price you have to pay to the tourist transport operators. Given inflation, high fuel costs and the difficulties with hiring and retaining staff, it is fortunate that there are still a few of them even operating today, whereas back in the 90's there used to be a scheduled service to Scotts Peak. Tasmania unfortunately is poorly serviced for bushwalker transport compared to NZ.

Even at full cost, rather than a shared rate, IMHO the priceless value of your experience out there in the southwest will still be worth far more than the dollars spent!!! I wish I could be there as planned right now, instead of sitting at home waiting to see how long it will take to get my knee fixed.
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