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Re: 'Remote' camp site with a toilet on a short walk?

PostPosted: Thu 18 Jul, 2019 2:50 pm
by Son of a Beach
Taiti wrote:If I could randomly throw in my 2c.
Is it appropriate to be looking to dig a trench for a large group inside a national park or other reserve?
Given there's not many examples of places with toilets but no hut nearby, and you've already got some practice in carting water, would you consider using a couple of shower tents and a few buckets (with good lids) to cart all of your group's waste back out in true practice of the leave-no-trace ideal?

It's good thinking.

There are a few locations that it would be appropriate to bury such waste. But not many. In fact I have done it in the past when car-camping at one spot. It's great with sandy soil. Just one shovel full of the sandy soil back into the pit after each use. Works a treat. But I agree that there would be few locations where this would be suitable in the kinds of places that we'd be likely to go walking. One suitable area might be Bay of Fires, but even then it would depend on the specific camp site.

No, I would not be able to carry out 3 days worth of toilet waste for up to 15 other people (45 person-days worth of toilet waste) when my pack is already very heavy and full of much of the other group-share equipment and the last day's worth of shared snack food. Even if I had to share it amongst the other leaders it could end up being too much. And I don't think it would work to ask this group of kids to carry out their own toilet waste.

I think it's a good ideal to aspire to, and I think it's worth considering. But I'm not sure if our team would cope with that at present.

I would also need to practice doing this just with my own waste beforehand, which I've not done yet. I'll have to give it a try one time.

Re: 'Remote' camp site with a toilet on a short walk?

PostPosted: Thu 18 Jul, 2019 4:33 pm
by Nuts
You'll need this portable toilet (and the porter)? :)

Re: 'Remote' camp site with a toilet on a short walk?

PostPosted: Fri 19 Jul, 2019 9:25 am
by Son of a Beach
I like it!