15 Helicopters land in the World Heritage Area

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Re: 15 Helicopters land in the World Heritage Area

Postby taswegian » Sun 20 Dec, 2020 9:30 am

Isn't the admission The investigation found that the landing occurred due to a range of factors, including the weather, pilot experience, communications, and some helicopters not able to cope with high winds,” a spokeswoman said enough to raise eyebrows in the flying authorities area?
Pilot inexperience! Weather! Helicopters not able to cope with high winds!
Did they even bother to check what normally makes up a day in our vast outdoors?

If that'd been walkers inexperienced etc with Southwest conditions they would have been pilloried by police, media, Parks!

Certainly a Lame-Duck response. Pathetic. Just adds another excuse when same happens again.
As weak as "The Dog ate my homework" excuse.
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