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Hiking Sites Without or with Minimal Jack Jumpers

PostPosted: Mon 09 Nov, 2020 1:32 pm
by Crawfinator

I hike a lot, and also like to take my family when possible. One of the kids has a pretty bad Jack Jumper allergy however and this makes what is normally a pretty safe vocation extremely dangerous. We have camped at a number of places where the jack jumpers are rampant (western lakes into the walls area / Mt Pillinger / other overland track locations) and it makes for a tense trip constantly trying to keep an eye out for them.

Was just wondering if anyone had suggestions for places that don't seem to have them? Ideally family friendly, but also interested in all locations.

Some places i definitely don't remember seeing any are:

- The southern range right out to PB.
- Tyndall Range
- Mt field NP

Any suggestions would be great. cheers

Re: Hiking Sites Without or with Minimal Jack Jumpers

PostPosted: Mon 09 Nov, 2020 3:01 pm
by gayet
Biosecurity Fact Sheet
Jack Jumper Ants
Current as at October 2010
The natural habitat of jack jumper ants is
woodland and open forest in south-eastern
Australia, including Tasmania. They also occur
in open habitats, including pastures, gardens
and lawns that have not been much cultivated
and are near light bush, such as around new
housing. They prefer fine gravel and sandy soil.
They like to forage for food near eucalypts,
wattles and the native understorey bushes
associated with those trees. They collect small
insects, honeydew from sap-sucking bugs and
nectar to take back to their nest where it is fed
to ant grubs.
So, perhaps less common in rain forest areas?