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Re: Capping group sizes

PostPosted: Wed 20 Apr, 2022 3:45 pm
by RicktheHuman
headwerkn wrote:You've misread my point. Skill isn't binary, neither is walk difficulty. No matter what your experience level, walking with someone more experienced - or, if you want, with experience in a particular field eg. snow/winter, canyoning, rock climbing - gives you a chance to learn and 'level up' whilst extending your comfort zone. Some of us are fortunate enough to have such people within our friendship or family groups but many don't, and that's where the true value of walking clubs can be found.

Sorry about misunderstanding your point, but your point seems like a justification for clubs having large groups - which is not minimal impact. I agree about learning from experienced bushwalkers, but this does not justify a group of 10-12, the only possible and practical place for groups that large are boardwalks and hardened tracks.

Re: Capping group sizes

PostPosted: Thu 21 Apr, 2022 8:33 am
by headwerkn
All good. Not trying to justify (I agree totally, smaller groups = better) but attempting to see it from Clubs' perspective. It would not surprise me if they felt pressure at times to satisfy demands from their membership for such walks given that for many, it's a primary motivation to join a club in the first place.

Again, I think the major clubs have enough policy, insurance requirements etc. in place to keep such things generally in check, but I can see informal clubs/loose gatherings organised on Facebook, home grown fitness groups and the like that have been popping up lately, quickly growing into too-large a groups. Much harder to control/police too. Short of a more robust booking system and rangers on the ground everywhere, I'm not sure exactly what PWS can do here.

Really does come down to the area in concern, and I do think walker habit has as much impact as sheer numbers eg. a well spread out group of 12 will do less damage to delicate terrain than a group of six walking in each others' footsteps. But that's just one variable out of many.