Anyone tried the US triple crown or trans canada trail?

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Re: Anyone tried the US triple crown or trans canada trail?

Postby norts » Thu 23 Jun, 2022 10:49 am

You can still hike the PCT with out a PCTA issued permit, you just have to apply for permits from which ever land authority you are going to be passing through.
The PCTA permit was done so that thru hikers didnt have to go through the hassle of applying for the numerous permits that would be needed.
The PCTA cant stop you hiking and dont have any authority in regard to you hiking. They are just there trying to help hikers with the process.

The other way to do it is do a flip flop hike and get your permit starting somewhere up the trail, there usually isnt an issue getting one of those from PCTA or do a SOBO.

I did the AT in '14; first 400ks of the PCT in '15 and the rest of it in '16( that is how I know about the getting a permit starting up the trail)
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Re: Anyone tried the US triple crown or trans canada trail?

Postby safari » Thu 23 Jun, 2022 6:12 pm

Hey Stamina, no haven't had a peek at that website. I've done all the routes I mentioned and quite a few other long trails in the States, I'm a bit of a North American trail junkie plus I have dual Australia/ USA citizenship which makes long term stays much easier. I'm not $#!+ing on the PCT, it's stunning from a scenic perspective, I especially love the Southern desert section. It's just really really busy and hyped and without the trail angels waiting at remote trailheads to whisk hungry hikers into far flung towns and hundreds of jugs of water left in the desert it would be a tricky thru hike. So I found that as those things are provided in vast quantities there is a sense of expectation and entitlement but that's just my opinion.
I'm currently on the Heysen Trail, Southbounding. Really enjoying the evolving trail culture and quirky towns it rolls through. We don't have anything like the vast trail network in the States but we have some pretty awesome walks here.
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Re: Anyone tried the US triple crown or trans canada trail?

Postby Stamina » Fri 24 Jun, 2022 5:36 am

Thanks Norts. Great to hear about your experience there. I have just finished hiking the Great South West Walk going clockwise from Portland. I hardly saw anyone the whole time. Really want to do something like the PCT or the AT before I get too old!
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