Walking in Africa

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Walking in Africa

Postby Iwouldwalk1000miles » Thu 22 Nov, 2012 5:59 pm

Hi Folks,

Am hoping someone can help me. I have always wanted to go to Africa and have found this below trip. As much as I love the idea of Africa of walking in Africa it also kind of scares me.

Has anyone done anything like this before.

http://www.touricatours.com/21-day-afri ... dside.html

Thanks in advance
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Re: Walking in Africa

Postby eggs » Thu 22 Nov, 2012 11:13 pm

This covers a few bits that we did in our trip to Kenya and Victoria Falls.
Some of the Kenya parts I did not do, but was looking into them.
Mt Longonot is a straightforward walk - but you must have locals/guides with you. Otherwise there is a very real danger from thieves and bandits.

The tour you link to is not all walking - there is a lot of vehicle game viewing.
I suspect the walking sections would be in appropriate places. And the picture shows the lead guide with a rifle.
We were thinking of some hikes that would have involved rangers with rifles, but we were without rifles on Mt Kenya for 6 days.
The biggest danger we faced was elephants - but you need to have good guides.
Given the right staff I think it would be relatively safe, But nothing is guaranteed.

I think my biggest worry would be the 'walking with lions' part at the Victoria Falls. We did not think about doing that - especially as an equivalent encounter with leopards [I think?] down in South Africa had ended with a tourist being attacked shortly before we were there.

Good luck,
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