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Corsica GR20

Postby GR20 » Tue 28 Oct, 2008 6:23 pm

Great walk, done this when I was very fit, young and crazy in the late seventies with 2 mates. Done only the higher part, the North part. As I can remember we had done this part of the track in about 2 1/2 days.I would not recommend this at this speed as you need to jump a lot from rocks on the decent. I guess I pay now for this with my knees.
The whole track normally would take about 10 days at normal speed. The North part is about half way but a lot higher and harder. We had just done the double daily recommended distance.

At the time no permit was required and we never pitched a tent or stayed in a hut. There was only one hut on the whole North part. We went at about May, not too hot and not too cold. The only other walkers we saw where a group of 4 who had really heavy backpacks filled mainly with tinned food. We thought they where a bid nuts carrying that much. Plenty of water there everywhere so no need to carry stuff for 10 days. After the North track we just stayed for the rest of our time there at a beautiful creek in the middle of the island about 90mins walk away from Corte. Walked into the town and sat in a cafe overlooking the town square and drinking nice cold beer. At the time I had taken lots of slides and still have them. Will need to get them scanned and then post them here. But these where the good old times, I guess it will be busier nowadays. Regardless it is a great walk. If you google GR20 you will find plenty of info also at youtube there are some good videos of it.
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