Injured in Japan

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Injured in Japan

Postby Overlandman » Sun 05 Feb, 2017 4:03 pm

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FROM a gondola high above the slopes in Niseko, Japan, Aussie Mal Bruce spruiks the trip of a lifetime.

“Been having a great time ... it’s just top-to-bottom unbelievable, beautiful snow,” he told his friends in a Facebook video on January 11.

“Really enjoying the night-life, the food. The people are great. Happy holidays!”

Within hours the 50-year-old from Sydney’s south would be in the worst pain of his life, writhing on the ground, trying in vain to scream for help.

After leaving the groomed ski run and winding through the trees at one of Hokkaido Island’s most well-known ski destinations, Bruce clipped some bamboo and tumbled hard.

He broke six ribs in the front and one in the back. He busted his knee, smashed up one of his fingers and snapped his clavicle clean in half.
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