North Coast Trail, Vancouver Island, Canada

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North Coast Trail, Vancouver Island, Canada

Postby hairyfoots » Fri 23 Mar, 2018 11:04 am


Have any of our fine forum users ever walked the North Coast Trail in BC, Canada?

I am heading to Canada in July and want to do a 4-7 day walk as part of my trip. Like most of us I walk partly to experience wilderness, but it seems like July is very busy in Canadian national parks. Happy to share campsites with a few people, but the West Coast Trail "we strictly restrict permits to 60 walkers a day" really doesn't appeal to me.

The North Coast Trail seems to be much less walked, but partly because it's very difficult and muddy, according to most reports. I'm trying to get a sense of what exactly this means compared to other walks I've done. I did the South Coast Track about 8 years ago, a teenager at the time, and enjoyed it - however we had a week of particularly good weather and the mud was apparently less than usual. I'm ok with something similar to the South Coast Track, but not a total slog. It's a long shot, but can anyone provide a comparison?

It would also be great to hear about any less-known multi day walking itineraries in British Columbia. For example I love the Nadgee/Croajingalong walk (Mallacoota to Wonboyn). You hardly see a soul down there because it isn't much publicised. But hard to find out about such things from overseas.
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Re: North Coast Trail, Vancouver Island, Canada

Postby ofuros » Wed 06 Jun, 2018 2:13 am

Hesquiat trail is another coastal walk on Vancouver Island worth checking out if your after a less travelled experience...50kms 4-6 days.
Maybe one day I'll actually get there myself...have a great July trip, hairyfoots.
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Re: North Coast Trail, Vancouver Island, Canada

Postby JohnDaly TakeAWalk » Mon 02 Jul, 2018 3:29 pm

We did the West Coast Trail several years ago and it was a spectacular walk. We actually saw orcas from the headland. Don't worry about the crowds. Once you start your day walking you tend not to run into a lot of people until you reach the campsites. Camping near Tsusiat Falls was a real highlight.
Cheers John
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