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Seeking walk ideas - Athens, Tuscany, Paris

Fri 13 Jul, 2018 7:18 pm

Planning an O/S trip to include parts of Europe in Nov. For the love of bushwalking and photography, I'm keen on some ideas of worthy day walks in and around the areas we are looking at. The current areas considered are,

1. Athens: Any interesting walks around the city? Given the more limited transport options and time, I'm focused on some of the well known hills in and around the city to provide vantage points eg. Filopappou Hill and Also Lykavittou. More touristy than anything else.

2. Rome: Nothing comes to mind.

3. Tuscany: This is my focus for the autumn colours. Will have a car to roam in the countryside. Really keen on some convenient day walks with 'picturesque' views. Thoughts?

4. Paris: Walks other than round and round the city centre?

5. Normandy/Brittany or Loire Valley: Not decided which region or some other but will again have a car to roam. No ideas if it's worthwhile given it's the flat country (as also seen in the TdF stages in recent days). But...

Really appreciate some suggestions that you know or have been on and see if it'll fit in our itinerary. Or if you know of any good site for these info. Thanks.

Re: Seeking walk ideas - Athens, Tuscany, Paris

Sun 15 Jul, 2018 5:35 am

GPSGuided wrote:Tuscany ... Really keen on some convenient day walks with 'picturesque' views

Drive or take the train to Monteriggioni then take the bus to San Gimignano and walk back to your car (31km). Glorious. This is part of the Via Francigena pilgrimage, 16 days of which lie within Tuscany.

Do you like coastal walking? Drive or take the train to Monterosso al Mare in Cinque Terre national park (northwest of Tuscany). Base yourself there, and take the local train to and from each section of the coastal walk. Frequent services, no hassles. Great scenery, and a choice between more hilly or less hilly sections. To walk the whole lot is two full days or four easy days, and there are also good out-and-back walks up into the Cinque Terre mountains.
Cinque Terre, Italy
20161120_093640.jpg (259.74 KiB) Viewed 15036 times
Cinque Terre, Italy
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Re: Seeking walk ideas - Athens, Tuscany, Paris

Sun 15 Jul, 2018 5:43 am

As for Rome, after we had visited all the historic places we took a day to walk along the river and into some of the parks that lie near it. It wasn't particularly scenic, and most of it was on paved surfaces, but it made a change from the tourist crowds and was quite interesting. That's all I can really suggest.
View over Rome from near the river
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