Heaphy Track, Nelson New Zealand

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Heaphy Track, Nelson New Zealand

Postby Bush_walker » Fri 11 Jan, 2019 6:49 am

I am going with a group and doing my won home work for "Heaphy Track, Nelson New Zealand".
We are doing this walk in 4 days all huts are booked and looking advises if anyone like to share the experience.
I am keen to know if some highlight that what "Must" take and "Must" not to take during the walk.

Can some tell me about cooking utensils available in huts or not, web site says No but in some pics I found and looks like it is big posts are provided.

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Re: Heaphy Track, Nelson New Zealand

Postby Walk_fat boy_walk » Fri 11 Jan, 2019 7:24 am

This probably belongs in the NZ folder....

I haven't done the Heaphy but having done a bunch of the other "Great Walks" I'd be very surprised if pots/utensils are provided. Some of those great walks have gas stoves in the huts, but not all (not sure about Heaphy). Definitely should always take a pot/billy (even just a small one) and burner on any of these walks.

Can't comment on highlights etc, but since you'll be in the Nelson area there's plenty of other awesomeness to check out if you get time (eg. you could check out the Nelson Lakes area, maybe day walk up Robert Ridge to Lk Angelus etc.... well worth it if time allows).
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Re: Heaphy Track, Nelson New Zealand

Postby wayno » Fri 11 Jan, 2019 9:37 am

DOC don't provide utensils.
there are guided groups that may have left heavier kit for themselves, its a mountain bike track as well. who knows what they bring...
depends what time of year you are going as to what you nee to bring... its a relatively low lying track
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Re: Heaphy Track, Nelson New Zealand

Postby lseries92 » Fri 11 Jan, 2019 8:44 pm

It is a wonderful track - lots of variation in the scenery.

I would make sure you have something for the sandflies around Heaphy Hut - a truly beautiful spot but they nearly carried me away when I was there.
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