South Korea...3 more long distance trails.

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South Korea...3 more long distance trails.

Postby ofuros » Sun 19 Nov, 2023 5:19 am

They look more like cultural, coastal walks than a wilderness wander but you can still side track to various National Parks along the way to get our wilderness fix...walk or cycle.

Haeparang 750kms East Coast
Namparang 1470km South Coast
Seohaerang 1800km West Coast

...when the West to East DMZ Peace Trail section is completed, along the border with North Korea, you'll be able to circle around the whole of South Korea.


I downloaded the kakaomap app out of curiosity, poked in either Haeparanggil, Namparanggil or Seohaeranggil in the search bar plus the section number & the word course on the end & up came the section...good for research purposes.

Screenshot_20231119-045702.png ...
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