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*UPDATE* NSW Map Alert. Check nav app maps before going bush

Thu 01 Apr, 2021 8:37 am

See update in post below this one.

Full discussion in techno babble. ... 21&t=26065

A few of us have noticed that the latest series of the NSW Gov Sixmaps Etopos are failing to load in common phone nav apps such as Oruxmaps or Avenza. Or the map loads but doesn’t feature georeferencing which can result in the GPS not placing your location on that map and other navigation tools such as gpx routes etc not working as expected when using that map.

The problem appears so far to be limited to the new 2020 series of maps. The maps I downloaded a while ago (2017 series) still work fine.

If you’re going bush for the Easter weekend and have recently downloaded NSW Gov Sixmaps eTopo Maps please check your maps are working properly in your nav app before you have a head scratcher out in the wilderness.

Alternative maps (open street map) can be found for android at ... nd-oceania

This is the cover style of the 2020 maps

2020 sixmaps style.jpg

NSW Map Alert. Check nav app maps before going bush

Fri 02 Apr, 2021 10:21 pm

Update 1/4/21 3.15pm AEST.

After correspondence with NSW Spatial Services today, they have promptly acted to rectify this issue. The catalogue has now changed back to the 2017 series which features georeferencing.

Spatial Services have advised that the 2017 maps are now online at The 2017 version should work as intended with common phone nav apps such as Oruxmaps and Avenza.

If you have a 2020 series map you may wish to delete it and download the 2017 series in time for your next walk. This series is identified by 2017 on the cover.

Thank you to NSW Spatial Services for their very quick response and action.

Edit. Changed to seperate post so the update appears in active topics.
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