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NSW & ACT specific bushwalking discussion.

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NSW & ACT specific bushwalking discussion. Please avoid publishing details of access to sensitive areas with no tracks.
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Coffs Coast

Mon 09 Jan, 2012 9:31 am

Hi NSW Friends
I am soon to move to the Coffs Harbour area from Tasmania and would be grateful for any ideas and suggestions of special outdoor experiences in the wider area of mid north northern NSW + inland. I Am interested in day and multi day walks, rafting or kayaking and fishing. Any other and all suggestions welcomed thankfully.

I am excited to live in this beautiful part of Aus and hope to make the most of it!
Thanks in advance, Eucalypt

Re: Coffs Coast

Mon 09 Jan, 2012 10:05 pm

There is a book available from the NSW Department of Primary Industry Bookshop, that isn't in their publications list. If you are interested, ring the bookshop directly and ask for it. Howard (I think is the chap's name) he runs the bookshop, and he knows this book well. It is the definitive work for any bushwalker interested in the region. It doesn't have tracks ... but it shows where to go, and tells you why you should go there, in extraordinary detail . Certainly a book for the intrepid.

The book is, New South Wales Rainforests 'The Nomination for World Heritage List'. ... by Paul Adams. Published by National Parks and Wildlife Service of NSW (Sydney 1987) ISBN 0 7305 2075 7

Just recently, I purchased a second copy from the bookshop, for the princely sum of $7.50, plus postage which was about $4.



Re: Coffs Coast

Sat 14 Apr, 2012 8:20 pm

There are loads of nice parks up this way (I'm from the area). A great variety of environments (no snow though). Only thing is you'll often find cows in the waterways. :(
My favourite places include Cathedral rock (day walk across the park - small but beautiful place). New England National Park (walking along the upper Bellinger River - clean and pretty), Gibraltar Ranges (loads of beautiful day walks). Coastal walk from Angourie south.

Re: Coffs Coast

Mon 16 Apr, 2012 3:36 pm

Hi eucalypt,

There is plenty of special outdoor stuff around here.

I'm a bit north of Coffs but have done a bit of exploring down that way. I'd agree with juju's selection, New England nat pk is spectacular, Dorrigo nat Pk same & has some easy day walks through beautiful rainforest and under waterfalls, the Yuraygir Coastal Walk is another that I would recommend (amazing bit of coastline as is most of of the coast between Coffs & Byron, well worth checking out), Cathedral Rock is a great area to do some walks (Love that one juju). If you are willing to drive for a few hours (except east!) you'll find more than enough to keep you busy. I'd also recommend The Border Ranges, Nightcap, Girraween (one of my faves), Bald Rock, Richmond Range to get you started...

I also love to paddle my kayak and theres heaps of coastline, dams & rivers to explore & heaps of good fishing. The only white water that comes to mind (grades 1 to 6) is at Nymboida (try here for an idea) unless you do what I did last year after a flood and put your sea kayak in one of the local rivers, just watch out for any barbed wire fences that have washed into the torrent :twisted:

Welcome to paradise :D

Re: Coffs Coast

Fri 04 Jan, 2013 8:11 pm

Hi Eucalypt, welcome to little old Coffs Harbour! Plenty of walking up here and an amazing variety. The other posts have given you some good tips - New England National Park is particularly good as is Cathedral Rock. Closer to home there is a great day walk up the Never Never River to Glennifer Falls, walks to Tuckers Knob and canyon trips in Frontage Creek and in the Urumbillum River. Get yourself the Brooklana 1:25000 topographical map.

You could also try the Ulitarra Bushwalking Club, based in Coffs Harbour, I haven't been a member for some time but they always have good walks and I am sure would be happy to pass on ideas. They also produced a book about 20 years ago with heaps of walks, cycles, paddles etc...try the local library. While you are there see if they have the equally old University of New England Mountaineering Club's 'Guide to North Eastern New South Wales' - there are some epic trip ideas in that and some easier options. Another good book (our bible) is the National Parks Association 'National Parks of Northern NSW'. Again, its old and bit out of date but full of genuinely good information.

My partner and I have also started our own blog which is on walks we do around Coffs Harbour. It's only in it's infancy but can be found at

Good luck and enjoy!!

Re: Coffs Coast

Wed 08 Jul, 2020 10:32 am

Reviving an old topic - the Coffs Coast offers lots for the outdoor adventurer: hiking, bushwalking - short strolls, day walks, overnight camping, multi day walks, coastal, peak bagging and lookouts, cycling, adventure motorcycling, kayaking. So much to do in a beautiful environment of national parks and state forests.
We have started documenting our routes and trails at, using various resources for inspiration such as talking to locals, topo maps, and the guide books and websites mentioned above.
Hope to see some you outside on a trail soon!

Re: Coffs Coast

Wed 08 Jul, 2020 11:01 am

Yeverett your website is fantastic.

Re: Coffs Coast

Sun 12 Jul, 2020 8:26 pm

Thanks Neo! Hope to get to do some walks around Port Macquarie soon, so many mountains and beaches, so little time!

Re: Coffs Coast

Sun 19 Jul, 2020 10:11 am

Agree that your website is fantastic yeverett! Do you think I could make a loop walk by doing Solitary Islands trail and return inland? Like a 4-5 day trip.
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