3 weeks of hikes Jan 2023 Looking for someone to join

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3 weeks of hikes Jan 2023 Looking for someone to join

Postby Fruitbat » Wed 21 Sep, 2022 4:38 pm


My name is Ben. I like hiking. Have done the usual bucket list walks: Everest Basecamp, Kilimanjaro, Torres del Pain, etc. I walked the Kokoda Trail solo, got to the end, turned around and walked back.
So I've got three weeks off in January and exploring two ideas:

1. Leaving from Sydney road trip: Mount Jagungal Via Round Mountain, Kosciusko Summit and main Range Loop, Willsons Prom Southern Circuit, Great Ocean walk.
2. Fly to Tassi: Port Davey, South Coast walk, walls of Jerusalem…anything else…

Are you planning any walks this summer?
Open to any ideas and suggestions. I’m not attached to doing any one trail over another, as long as there are plenty flies and mosquitoes.
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Re: 3 weeks of hikes Jan 2023 Looking for someone to join

Postby Dexter » Wed 21 Sep, 2022 6:35 pm

Just a quick note on the Prom. The southern circuit isn’t open right now. It hasn’t been since storms and flooding hit the area. Two tracks are currently closed. One from telegraph saddle to sealers cove. And one from Little Oberon bay to Tidal river.

You can pretty much walk down the guts of it but a number of great spots are out of the way without those sections open.

I think I saw spring 2023 mentioned as the hopeful date of it reopening.

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