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Port Davey & South Coast Track January 2021 Buddy

Sun 29 Nov, 2020 4:47 pm

Would like to to do the Port Davey and South Coast Track in January and looking for someone to partner with.
Me: Canadian born, 40, living in Sydney. Fair bit of outdoor experience: Kokoda Trail solo in both directions, Aconcagua, Kilimanjaro, week long jungle treks in Indonesia, Great North Walk, Heysen Trail, Israil Trail etc. Have traveled to over 75 countries, and have a few stories to share.
My experience in Tas is limited to Frenchman's cap, a few days hike around Moriah Island, and some day walks.
My idea is to leave up to 14 days to complete the two trails. I don't travel on Saturday being the Sabbath and will take this as a rest day. General idea, leave on a Monday for the Port Davey. Arrive Friday Melaleuca. Spend Saturday there and hike the next week along the South Coast Track.
Anyone interested?
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Re: Port Davey & South Coast Track January 2020 Buddy

Mon 30 Nov, 2020 7:50 am

I assume you mean January 2021, not 2020? :-)

I'd love to do this trip, but can't get that much free time at that time of year.

Re: Port Davey & South Coast Track January 2021 Buddy

Mon 30 Nov, 2020 12:21 pm

Yes, thank you 2021 it is.
Was planning on doing the trip this past Feb/Mar but went to Nepal instead. Went to Everest Region. Was awesome being there with only three people at Basecamp instead of thousands. Wanted to hike more, but the country went into lockdown and the army kicked us out of the park. Awesome trip.

Re: Port Davey & South Coast Track January 2021 Buddy

Mon 30 Nov, 2020 2:53 pm

Given what you've done solo, these two should be no problem. Besides, there will be heaps of people on the SCT so you can always find someone - or a group - with whom to buddy up.
A word of warning: the Port Davey Track is relatively infrequently travelled, boggy, overgrown, and occasionally a little tricky to follow. The two rivers - Crossing and Spring - are also prone to flooding after rain (the area immediately east of the Spring is particularly bad), as is Woureddy Creek. Be prepared to wait out bad weather/conditions.

Re: Port Davey & South Coast Track January 2021 Buddy

Tue 01 Dec, 2020 10:47 am

I strongly suggest you be flexible with your rest days and proceed when the weather is fine and take rest days when it is inclement (rain) or you are held up by river flows.

It it typically important to travel while you can weather wise in South West Tassie.

Re: Port Davey & South Coast Track January 2021 Buddy

Wed 02 Dec, 2020 3:06 pm

Thank you NNW and Wander for your response.
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