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Millers Bluff access 2021

PostPosted: Thu 28 Jan, 2021 5:35 pm
by Tortoise
A very belated post, but better late than never, I guess. A while back I revisited Millers Bluff, with thanks to the landowner, Roderic O'Connor (mobile 0408 130 030).

He is still keen to let walkers access Millers Bluff when it doesn't clash with hunting season etc, but he has been inundated with requests, especially last minute ones.

Things that would make it easier for Roderic are:

1. Give him at least 4 days' notice. (I would think a week would be more reasonable.) Sometimes he has to rearrange things to be there to give the gate key to walkers. He has had some issues with people not returning keys in the past, and now has a very expensive system. So he doesn't want to leave a key to be collected, and asks that the same person who collects the key, returns it - rather than passing it on to anyone else.

2. Make sure you collect the key before heading to the start of the walk. The homestead and track head are on different, unconnected roads, and there is very poor mobile reception on most of the access roads.

3. I suggest making up a group if you can - either go on a club walk, or arrange it together with other Abel-collectors. That could halve the number of times he has to go out of his way to help us.


Re: Millers Bluff access 2021

PostPosted: Mon 22 Feb, 2021 12:41 pm
by weetbix456
Great post. Good to remember that access through private property is a privilege and not a right. Let's all do the right thing as a walking community :)