Garmin compatible track/route/waypoints from PINDARS to NEW

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Garmin compatible track/route/waypoints from PINDARS to NEW

Postby Hikethetrail [70] » Thu 23 Sep, 2021 5:56 pm

Hi All,

Solo hiker looking for Garmin GPS compatible track/route or waypoints from Pindars to New River Lagoon. If anybody has recorded this section and willing to share it would be very much appreciated by myself.
Looking to attempt this hike before end 2021 ( covid dependant as I'm from Victoria). Have been to Pigsty Ponds previously but would enjoy having a back-up track from Pindars onwards.
Is the decent from atop PB clearly defined. Any advice or suggestions very welcome.


Hikethetrail [70]
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Re: Garmin compatible track/route/waypoints from PINDARS to

Postby north-north-west » Thu 23 Sep, 2021 8:09 pm

The upper part of PB to Cavern Camp is cairned, with the odd bit of tape. Pad with cairns and tape down to the flats. The bit over the flats to the camp can be trickier to follow as it's flat rainforest and thus always changing, but there's usually a reasonably obvious pad.
Pindars to PB only has a few bits where you're likely to go astray. Pandani Knob can be confusing, plus the area around PB Low Camp, plus maybe around Tramp Camp.
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Re: Garmin compatible track/route/waypoints from PINDARS to

Postby Azza » Fri 24 Sep, 2021 5:08 pm

15 years ago went through, there were a few tricky bits, get scratched and shredded by the scrub.
Did it again maybe 10 years ago, the difference was astounding in terms of how much traffic had been through and the scrub has rescinded.

The section to get onto Kameruka Moraine from Wylly plateau was a bit messy.

on the first trip we found a shipping container on top of PB, somehow they'd managed to drop a track workers hut upside down from a helicopter..
By the second trip it had been removed...

The descent from PB is pretty straight forward at some point in the past track work was done, presumably because people do side trips from Prion Beach.
So its actually probably one of the easier sections to navigate, but there were a few large tree falls that obliterated the track but its pretty clear that the track continues on the other side.

A lot of the route from Pindars to PB is on the ridge line, so its pretty easy to know where you should be...

It's even plotted on the theList these days. Even just a print out and a copy of the Tasmap's/GPS should give you enough to work with.
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