Patagonia - Hiking in El Chalten and Torres del Paine NP

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Patagonia - Hiking in El Chalten and Torres del Paine NP

Postby canthardlywait » Wed 04 Nov, 2015 1:34 pm

Early this year I did a few hikes with my family in Patagonia. Being from Brissy, it was just so different to anything I've seen in Australia. A bit of sensory overload. I know prior to heading there I spend a lot of time on trip advisor working out what the best plan was. So if you have plans to head to Patagonia in the future and are after any info send me a message and I'm happy to help out.

I've put three of the walks on my blog (I know, I know - a bit of shameless self promotion). But it's easy for me to link to the blog then load up all the pics on here.

Here is the links to three popular hikes in the region. The first Torres del Paine National park and the second and third from El Chalten:
Torres del Paine
Fitz Roy
Laguna Torre

It was such an amazing place, if it's not on your bucket list I would definitely put it on!

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Re: Patagonia - Hiking in El Chalten and Torres del Paine NP

Postby Kinsayder » Thu 24 Mar, 2016 3:59 pm

Wow, such a great review! It's looks like you had a great time, thank you for sharing it with us. I've subscribed to your blog too, so I hope you have more adventures soon!
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