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Walkers Haute Route - Europe

Tue 05 Apr, 2016 9:26 pm

Any tips, maps or guides for Walkers Haute Route planning - Chamonix to Zermatt.

Re: Walkers Haute Route - Europe

Tue 05 Apr, 2016 11:56 pm

scoha wrote:Any tips, maps or guides for Walkers Haute Route planning - Chamonix to Zermatt.

I went that way in 2006, see -

I used the Kevin Reynold's guidebook (Cicerone) which was quite good, and has probably been updated. It is an excellent walk. I took a small tent which I used to camp at Chamonix and then at two other places along the way. If I was going again - I probably wouldn't take a tent unless I was planning on spending a few nights (discrete) camping high up (which would be very nice). I took lunch food and bought breakfast and dinner at the huts or lodging places along the way. I pre-bought maps from a UK map shop, but you can easily buy maps along the way. There are a lot of small shops that sell maps and Swiss army knives amongst other things.


Re: Walkers Haute Route - Europe

Sat 16 Apr, 2016 7:07 pm

Hey Scoha,

well i only did the Chamonix to arolla section back in 2013. I would like to do the other half one day. When are you going?

I did not like key reynolds book very much I don't know how many other options you have in English, so you'll probably end up getting it anyway. Maps are more helpful probably. My main tips are these:

1) bring cash on your way - you can stop and get more at several towns. you can get demi-pension and then order packed lunches at the huts - so you needn't take ANY food at all with you. It's fully catered up there. That's the swiss way.
2) day one is only a half day walk and so you could start in the arvo and still reach the hut in time for din dins.
3) day 2 or 3(???) can't remember - there is an option to take the "fenetre" or go around it. Answer: take the fenetre. Longer but this is one of the big scenery days.
4) day 3 or 4 ?? there is a SUPER long day with 1800mtrs ascent. You will be in sun much of the day and may have trouble finding the route. I think there was some public transport option for part of that day and tbh, it is not a very scenic day - so investigate that option. it might have been between champex and cabane du mont fort.
5) i wish i had taken the extra day to stop at a hut that goes up to a glacier on the way between the cabane du mont fort and cabane de louvie huts. don't know the hut's name sorry.
6) i really liked the atmosphere at the cabane de louvie - but that was due to staff and the same people may not be there this year.
7) and that brings up to my last point OMG JUST PREPARE YOURSELF for miserable swiss hut wardens - even when you hand over your hard earned they will all have a scowl on their face (except at louvie), don't take it to heart - if they can't be happy living in paradise, they can't be happy anywhere.

oh wait point 8) i think if you join the britannica section of the austrian alpine club you will get reduced fees each night and then also mountain rescue insurance - the thing will pay for itself if you only need to save on hut fees. see here:

Re: Walkers Haute Route - Europe

Sun 17 Apr, 2016 7:10 pm

Thx Suz - good tips. Im heading there at the start of September

Re: Walkers Haute Route - Europe

Sun 10 Jul, 2016 10:51 pm

hey Socha,

My wife and I are going to do the WHR is Aug, fly to Geneva on the 28th July,
looking forward to it,

We used a travel agency in Great Briton to organise all the bookings, with a rest day in Arolla,
they are fantastic, and to my surprise, I received all the maps as as well, plus really detailed route cards for each day,

I have got the Kev book, plus the Alexander Stewart book, plus the route cards,
and a lot of the sections, are all different, so got plenty of options :)

I am interested to see what there "hard days" are like ?/wonder how they would compare to a hard day in say tassie, of Vic AWT??

Re: Walkers Haute Route - Europe

Mon 11 Jul, 2016 9:21 pm

Great trip sounds like baltic. The altitude gains/drops are pretty high from what I can see so even though the distances are a bit shorter, that coupled with higher altitude and greater exposure I think will make the hard days AAWT-hard. At least you've got the luxury of a fresh stein during the day and maybe hot shower plus big meal so should be a great experience. Yeh

Re: Walkers Haute Route - Europe

Sat 27 Aug, 2016 7:28 pm

Got the hike knocked off done the lot without shortcuts, was fantastic, no harder than a day on the Aurthers range, or VIC AWT,
Tip if you have a iPhone or android. I downloaded Swiss Maps, and paid a 1 year subscription $60, amazing, not that the tracks are hard to find, just lighter than maps, works everywhere with your current location. ( I got a local Swisscom sim) with 1.2 gig data, 30 CF,
And the food and beers are great, you are going in the best time also
Gary ( Baltic)
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