Talbotville, Grant, Dargo high Plains. BTAC trip.March 2022

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Talbotville, Grant, Dargo high Plains. BTAC trip.March 2022

Postby paidal_chalne_vala » Wed 16 Mar, 2022 8:23 am

https://www.ski.com.au/xf/threads/talbo ... st-5010171
Click on the web link to see a trip report
with photos from track clearing a segment of McMillan's walking track
during the long weekend of March 11-14th 2022.
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Re: Talbotville, Grant, Dargo high Plains. BTAC trip.March 2

Postby Xplora » Thu 17 Mar, 2022 5:56 am

It is good you are involved in track clearing. A worthwhile enterprise when done properly. I noticed some comment on your post about photos and would offer some suggestion. Now you are using a digital camera you (like the rest of the world) take loads of photos because it is cheap but there is no need to post every photo and I have noticed you often post the same image a number of times. Even the moderators on the ski forum have asked you to cut back. It takes a huge amount to load your posts and that deters people from reading it. Your images are about 5mb each which is much bigger than needed for viewing on the internet and a large number of images makes the whole page stall for some people. You can reduce the size of the images when taken (on your camera) and they only need to 200kb to view on the internet with clarity. That is 25 times smaller than you are loading. It will make it quicker for you to load your photos also. You can also reduce the size of images in the basic software that comes with Windows but that would take a bit longer. Go to Paint, open an image and select resize (it is a small square in the box labelled image), then change the image size. If the proportions are constrained (default) you only need to change the horizontal. Try it at 20%, hit enter and then you can save the file under a new name ('save as' not 'save'). I often use the original file name and simply put reduced after it. That way you keep the original and it files the reduced copy below it.

Even in this day and age, not everyone has unlimited data or super fast internet. Keep up the good work.
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